Tournament Pairs

1st   Christine Buchanan and Debra Lloyd

2nd  Margaret O’Connor and Jane Anderson

Centre Events 2016-2017

1-5 years 2x4x2 Pairs

Nancy Buchanan and Diane Bremer.

1-1- Singles

Interclub Sevens


Singles Christine Buchanan

Pairs  Jane Anderson and Andrea Dowman

Fours  Margaret O’Connor ,Debra Lloyd, Margaret Tall and Wendy Paterson

Christine Buchanan, and Debra Lloyd

Rowen Jackson Fours

Margaret O’Connor, Christine Buchanan, Debra Lloyd, and Jane Anderson

Affinity Tournament Singles - Margaret O’Connor

NZ Mixed Pairs Christine Buchanan and Lindsay Thomas.

1- 5 Singles       Runner up - Andrea Dowman

Additional Gold Stars

Margaret O’Connor   30

Debra Lloyd  15

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